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Thank you for wanting to make an impact in the lives of other pastors’ wives and women in ministry! ConnectLIVE groups are a beautiful tapestry of women from diverse backgrounds, coming together to form community & friendship around our similar ministry roles as we serve as leaders. We greatly appreciate your commitment to support and encourage other leading ladies!

The only things you need to participate in a ConnectLIVE Group are high speed internet and a webcam (headphones are optional but recommended). It’s completely free, and each gathering lasts about an hour and a half, once a month.

Living a life inside the ministry is a unique experience. If you count yourself among the blessed women who have that privilege, then you know the importance of surrounding yourself with like minds who speak your language, who understand what you are going through without you even having to explain it, and who simply “get” you.

Simply fill out a short application and someone will contact you soon to set up the details and training to help you get started!

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  • Jan 1
    12:00 am
    Dec 31
    11:59 pm
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